About us


Our goal is to breed sport horses that can compete at international level. We aim to breed horses with good confomation and willingness to perfom out of the best pedigrees.

Educating and handling the horses right from the beginning of their lives is an important issue for us and we do a lot to find the right riders to train our horses.

Pero-Z Hillock owned and ridden by Linnea Ericsson with great success in international jumping. Pero-Z has retired in 2014.

French Match Ask (Hillock) graded stallion and champion at Danish Warmblood Stallion Show in Herning both 2014 and 2015. Now an international hunter jumper in the USA.

Larocco Hillock by Larimar ang Walina, born 2010. Sold to Germany where he is competing in 150 international jumping.

Stutteri Hillock

by Trine Hermansen & Leif Konradi

Høveltevej 2, DK-3520 Farum, Denmark

Email: hillock@mail.dk

Tel: +45 2176 8335 or +45 2144 1347

Walina III Hillock by Contendro I/Calato/Deadly Nightshade

Foal by Favorit Ask

Stud Hillock is located in Farum just north of Copenhagen. It is an old farm which is transformed to a functional horse farm with good facilities for the horses. Airy stables and many paddocks and fields. Indoor school and forrest near by.

Unica by Contender/Capitol/Landgraf I

Foal by Oak Grove's Darshan

High Jump Horses from Stud Hillock

Stutteri Hillock by Trine Hermansen & Leif Konradi

Contact: hillock@mail.dk

We have both many years of experience with breeding horses. Leif is from a farm and has lived with horses his whole life. He has been a Stud Manager at Stutteri Øxenholm for many years when this was one of the most successful studs in Denmark and he has afterwards worked in several big competition yards. Trine started breeding horses 30 years ago after being a dressage rider and having spend 2 years in England working at a riding school outside London.

The interest in riding and educating the horses is a big part of our breeding because our horses will not get anywhere in international competitions without good riders.

We aim to breed the best horses for the best riders through excellent pedigrees, good management, good feeding and good basic training of the horses.

French Match Ask

by Favorit Ask and Walina